Yo Dawg We Be Trippin. Xtreme Gap Year Made A Gap Rap Video!

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Gap Year Travel with us is all about adrenalin travel.


How much time do you have to spend?

At Xtreme Gap Year we have trips lasting one week to one year, there are plenty of ideas gap year programs if you want to spend a couple of months doing something constructive and fun, things that really make the most out of your time out. Perhaps you are on a sabattical and don’t have the luxury of so much time to explore, don’t worry we have plenty of exciting vacations and mini breaks that will return you feeling invigorated and like you had a a proper adventure.

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What is an Xtreme Gap Year?


Who Travels With Xtreme ?

Whether you are 18 or in your 30s, Xtreme Gap Year is all you need for a superb year abroad. If you want to check out who is travelling with us right now, you can check out the Xtreme Gap Year Travellers Network. This contains travel forums and dedicated buddy lists for all Xtreme Gap Year travellers, so you can chat and meet the people who will be on your trips prior to travelling..


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