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What Is An Xtreme Gap Year?

Gap Year. Syllabification: gap year NOUN Click for more

“A period, typically an academic year, taken by a student as a break between secondary school and higher education.”
is what it says in the American-English Oxford dictionary. It was, traditionally, a year to lose your wild hairs before committing to your study, your new career or family of 5. To do those things that you have always dreamed about all the way through high school, and made you keep your sanity through math class.

That was back in the good old 90’s. Present day, a gap year can be taken by anyone, in any stage of their life and for any which reason. It can be taken for a week. For months. Or a year or longer.

It is time taken off do something out of the ordinary, to go somewhere beautiful and exciting. This can be anyone in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s (but we have to admit, the younger ones seem far more adventurous than the ‘oldies’). But nothing is weird, even a granny becoming a dive master or jumping off a bridge fits the profile of an Xtreme Gapper, as long as it’s AMAZING!

That’s where we come in! We offer you awesome travel experiences, a lot of them we have checked out ourselves.

We are all experienced travelers. Shark divers. Elephant riders. Cultural explorers and party people with xtreme hangovers.

We are a super international bunch, (we have offices ALL over) and you totally benefit from that! And you mostly even end up saving money on your trips by letting us help you out!

Xtreme Gap Year. Verb. A Doing word. Conveys ACTION!

Why are we called Xtreme Gap Year? Because we create xtremely awesome experiences that will take you out of your comfort zone, push your limits. You will find out what you are capable of and that will make you grow as an individual. Not in the OMG I am freakishly tall kind of way. But in the good way. Releasing the inner superhero kinda way.


So what will you do and where will your go? Not lame boring tourist traps. You are not a sheep. You are awesome. On an Xtreme Gap Year you will find out why!

The best way to explain it, well,  just check out the video below.


Yo Dawg We Be Trippin, Xtreme Gap Year Made A Gap Rap Video!


How much time do you have to spend?

Whatever your time frame and budget, we know how to squeeze the most out of it! Whether it is a one week escape from reality or a year long exploration of all corners of our sweet planet, Xtreme Gap Year is your starting portal! If being ripped off by a sleezy taxi driver is your idea of having having a good time then by all means, go ahead and arrange it yourself. If not, you came to the right place! (Xtreme Gap does not guarantee not being ripped off or yelled at by a taxi driver at some stage during your trip, however!)

Trips from 1 to 4 weeks |  Trips 1 to 3 months |  Unlimited time


Who Travels With Xtreme ?

Whether you are 18 or in your 30’s, Xtreme Gap Year is all you need for a super year abroad. If you want to check out who is traveling with us right now, you can check out the Xtreme Gap Year Travelers Network. This contains travel forums and dedicated buddy lists for all Xtreme Gap Year travelers, so you can chat and meet the people who will be on your trips prior to travelling..


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